Scared of hi-five

Since last two years whenever I talk to some old friend, whom, I have not spoken to in last couple of years, would ask the same question: "Where am I working?" which is perfectly normal. The follow up question when they get to know that I have not switched my job yet, they would ask why? Some do it normally some do it vehemently as if its a crime to stick around. Well, I dont blame them compleltely because I think I have outlived the normal industry life by many folds I guess.

I read an article from N R Narayanmurthy that said, love your job don't love your company and the article ends with big bold letters that read " talent leaves deadwood doesn't". All that makes me wonder, am I a deadwood then? and do I need to switch to prove I am not. People's reaction to my 4+ years stint in a company is generally one of shock. I wonder what will happen when i hit 5. Will they fall on their face as soon as i mention this number. All of this scares me to touch the 5 year mark. Not that I have too many reasons to quit but you can always find millions if you really want to.

More and more I talk to people it seems like you are missing on something if you dont try switching. To a large extent this is true because you start enjoying your comfort zone and traditionally comfort zones are not really great places for actual growth. Well, nothing is in offing as of now, but then who knows.

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