Pigeon(s) out of my water tank

This is slightly later than I expected. It’s the continuation of last post where I talked about the shocking discovery of a pigeon in my water tank. However, as it turns, it was not a pigeon, there were pigeons.

Next morning, my flat mate decided to stay at home in the morning to take care of the situation by getting external help. Unfortunately the external help was not around and we were getting more and more nervous and that’s when it was decided that we will take the pigeon(s) by wings (or legs as it turned out). It was as difficult as it sounds because just the feeling of looking and maneuvering a dead bird (it’s easier in case they are small and their density is low) is enough to put you off. But now that we were up to the task we had to finish it. So, we created a noose of a wire that we could find on the roof. In preparation to the event we had already collected stacks of newspapers and plastic bags. The noose was perfectly built thanks to my flatmate (looks like he has been an executioner in his last or who knows may be this birth, you know the case of double identity Peter Parker taking baddies as Spiderman, my roommate SD taking baddies as executioner :D) . But even with that perfect noose, one noose was just not enough to get the bird out as the bird has been dead for a couple of days (may be more, but I don’t want to go there) and its body was losing its form getting and was almost in a semi solid state on the day. So eventually after going back and forth, using newspaper and stick unsuccessfully I decided that we will have to use our hands directly. Till this point we were just aware of the existence of one bird, wore plastic bags as hand gloves, took the noose and used the hand to pull one of the legs to get the shit out of the tank. As soon as I thought it was done, I heard sd calling me again, that’s when he had realized that there was a pair inside. May be two of them were dead fighting if they were of the same gender or might have died fucking if they were of different gender. I am assuming that the popular culture of human beings has still not penetrated avian community. Now that we had the experience of doing it, the second one was a charm, was thrown out in a giffy without a hesitation and the primary task was done. Then there was the clean up stuff to be done for which we surprisingly got external help and the job was complete.

People have had hard time believing that this actually happened and I don’t have a flair for convincing people either, so tt was labeled as one of those “dog ate my homework” kind of excuses for reaching late to the office.

Pigeon in my water tank

The lesson that I learnt today morning was once in a lifetime - "If you smell a dead rat, there proably is a dead rat" so go find it out. As it turns out that me and my flatmate both sensed that there was something different about the water that we were consuming for days. My hypothesis was that its probably because of mercury suddenly rising, the water pipes started emanating some odour which manifested itself as smelly water in our house. However, with passing days it seemed to get deadlier to the point I could not stand using that water. My flatmate I guess was still ok, none of us had even brought this subject to discussion so far. He might be having a different, equally sane or may be saner hypothesis that seemed to keep him quite till the time I brought the subject in the morning. Something like "I feel something dead in our water tank". In an instant we agreed that this is something worth checking because I had used words "dead" "water tank" in the same sentence. And that was the beginning of one of our most shocking (its not mine actually, you will know why later) sights in weeks. Checked tank # 1, looked fine except for a few small insects. Tank # 2, that happenned to be closer to my flatmate, had the volcano inside and he rushed away coughing and I dare not peek into it. So unlike my friend I dont have any visual memories of the incident just a few smelly ones. However, we discussed a few minutes back that this may be something worth a look for seriously sick and disturbed and we might want to attempt a photograph for the same. This is still a thought lets see if it comes to fruition. Well, that was just the beginning and there is still some part remaining. The pigeon is still in the tank and we need to get back home. Apparently one of the guys in our building has taken a sick leave today, well we can guess why.

I am back

After a long break, lost into I dont know what I am back to writing at least one piece to break the jinx. Warning: There may not be anything worthwhile in this post because I dont really have any thoughts while I am writing this and its just there to count as a post.
Now that I am at writing gibberish, i would try and do that on a topic. Well after a long time I was idling on net and chanced upon many of my unread mails on my personal account. Its been a while since I went through it. Well, going through it I realised that I have not been thinking a lot about my old ties and am busy doing not really sure what, may be just the office work which takes up more than a day's share of time anyways. While doing that I recollected something known as art of developing loose ties or something of that kind which I read somewhere (too many references to unknowns are going to be there in this post..!) and then realised how bad I am at it given that I have lost touch with almost everyone other than me and I guess for no good reason. Getting in touch with people once in a while is something that adds to your perspective and lightens you up at times when you realise so simple stuff that you dont know about outside (outside my workplace) world. Another reason why such thoughts are coming to me today is because one of my very close friends got married yesterday which made me wonder that we are the 'mainstream adults' now. I got slightly scared of the thought that I might get into a wedlock soon without me realising where I am going and when it happennned or when it should happen. The scare scares me further when I see my current situation where there is always a scramble around to find time to do simple and normal stuff. I dont know if I have more work or its just my own making. Even if I have more work I guess it would come back to me because I can choose my work which I may not be doing wisely so far. Well, this is going nowhere and I need to head out. So until next post think about your past/sorroundings for a while and stay tuned!