Pigeon in my water tank

The lesson that I learnt today morning was once in a lifetime - "If you smell a dead rat, there proably is a dead rat" so go find it out. As it turns out that me and my flatmate both sensed that there was something different about the water that we were consuming for days. My hypothesis was that its probably because of mercury suddenly rising, the water pipes started emanating some odour which manifested itself as smelly water in our house. However, with passing days it seemed to get deadlier to the point I could not stand using that water. My flatmate I guess was still ok, none of us had even brought this subject to discussion so far. He might be having a different, equally sane or may be saner hypothesis that seemed to keep him quite till the time I brought the subject in the morning. Something like "I feel something dead in our water tank". In an instant we agreed that this is something worth checking because I had used words "dead" "water tank" in the same sentence. And that was the beginning of one of our most shocking (its not mine actually, you will know why later) sights in weeks. Checked tank # 1, looked fine except for a few small insects. Tank # 2, that happenned to be closer to my flatmate, had the volcano inside and he rushed away coughing and I dare not peek into it. So unlike my friend I dont have any visual memories of the incident just a few smelly ones. However, we discussed a few minutes back that this may be something worth a look for seriously sick and disturbed and we might want to attempt a photograph for the same. This is still a thought lets see if it comes to fruition. Well, that was just the beginning and there is still some part remaining. The pigeon is still in the tank and we need to get back home. Apparently one of the guys in our building has taken a sick leave today, well we can guess why.

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