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Federer in an ad shoot

Found few links questioning whether its real or not, to me it looks real

Movie review: Inglorious Basterds

Alright, I know I am late, can we please get further now. So, after everybody has watched, raved and forgotten about this movie, I finally watched it accidentally today. I came home dead tired and like everyday before I did anything else I switched on my TV and threw away the remote and then threw myself on the couch. Usually a few minutes of relaxation give me enough energy to pick up the remote and start surfing, but today was different and by the time I could get to that point, it came. It was on my watching list for quite some time, so there I go. The fact that I didn't untie my shoe laces for next half hour is evidence enough for me that the movie was gripping. Now on to the actual review.

Like every other movie, book or comic series, I liked it because of the characters not as much for the story. This movie had pretty interesting and impressive characters. It doesn't take them long to establish themselves which makes the later part more enjoyable and less of figuring out. The two characters in particular that I felt were excellent were Hans Landa and Shosanna. It doesn't take Hans more than 5 minutes in his first scene to showcase his incisive intellect. Every scene where he is investigating (in most of his scenes he is) something, you can feel the chill of the knowledge that he knows it and is just playing till he opens it up. The only disappointing part would be the ending, was too lame for his character but  I guess they also wanted Brad Pitt to look better.

As for Shosanna, the super pretty chic, who seemed to have made peace with her misfortune, the transformation (for the viewer) was quick and edgy. These were the two characters that carried the movie for me and of course I liked the climax. In a lot of movies I feel letting a disaster happen would have had more impact than averting it, this one actually lets it, even though it turns the history on its head.

While we are on the subject, Kurbaan was one such movie where this disappointed me more than any other recent one. From the beginning I thought, the movie will end with Kareena dying and Saif living with guilt, a deserved punishment for his deeds.  But sadly, they kill Saif and let Kareena take all the pain of living through her life.

Time Warp

These are two pictures taken five years apart, the recent one was taken this independence day. Something tells me, I will have another one like this in 2015 :)

For those who are not steeped in New York culture (its really hard to find you guys nowadays), this is the famous bronze bull in Wall Street.

Yet another desi rant

I was planning a really cantankerous (my word list mugga session acting up after may years) post after reading the following articles. But I think I let some of the steam off by writing comments on them. On second thoughts, I might have ended up writing a self flagellating post, but then, what the hell. But hopefully what follows at the end doesn't have that much of a sting.

Someone ashamed of her Indian identity
If you do click on the link and read the article, look at the extreme reactions of all sorts. The last one (first one to show up in the comment list) is definitely not the least. My relatively moderate comment is hard to find in the sea of comments.

Few more
A little more balanced one
This one takes the cake simply because of the popularity of the medium - Time magazine

and here is my little classification of Indians abroad

When in doubt choose people

While selecting a job or work, if there are many competing factors (within reason) and people is one of them, I would say choose people over anything. Go to place where you think people are good, whatever your definition of good is. The chances are you will do well. The more work experience I gain (really?) I think the work at some point will become a fucking pain. So, the chances are you will enjoy doing shit if you are doing it with good (again whatever your definition of good is) people.

I apply the same theory to relatively smaller decisions like attending sessions, apart from the topic, if I know the speaker is good, I usually go irrespective of the topic.

This is how I had theorized this at some point, being a cynic, it was about avoiding stuff rather than choosing.

Main chutiya kaam kar sakta hoon lekin chutiyon ke saath kaam nahi kar sakta

(For my non Hindi speaking readers, if there are any - it translates to: " I can do shit work, but I can't work with shit people").

Text limit for google search

Out of curiosity I was trying to see what is the maximum number of characters that google would allow you to enter in your search box. I thought there would be some limit on it. There is no limit on entering the text but it fails beyond a point while searching because the url becomes too large. Google being google, my initial expectation was that they must be capable of handling practically any size (which may still be true).