When in doubt choose people

While selecting a job or work, if there are many competing factors (within reason) and people is one of them, I would say choose people over anything. Go to place where you think people are good, whatever your definition of good is. The chances are you will do well. The more work experience I gain (really?) I think the work at some point will become a fucking pain. So, the chances are you will enjoy doing shit if you are doing it with good (again whatever your definition of good is) people.

I apply the same theory to relatively smaller decisions like attending sessions, apart from the topic, if I know the speaker is good, I usually go irrespective of the topic.

This is how I had theorized this at some point, being a cynic, it was about avoiding stuff rather than choosing.

Main chutiya kaam kar sakta hoon lekin chutiyon ke saath kaam nahi kar sakta

(For my non Hindi speaking readers, if there are any - it translates to: " I can do shit work, but I can't work with shit people").

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DY...missing working with you :-)

So whom did you quit... Sapient or us. ;)
and where are u nowadays.. What's all about cornel univ??

Hmm.. in this case, it was 'you' who left 'us' because you left before I did :).

A friend is doing his mba from Cornell. I like universities, but as a tourist :)

:) HEHEHE Good one

hilarious and well said !!!