I am back

After a long break, lost into I dont know what I am back to writing at least one piece to break the jinx. Warning: There may not be anything worthwhile in this post because I dont really have any thoughts while I am writing this and its just there to count as a post.
Now that I am at writing gibberish, i would try and do that on a topic. Well after a long time I was idling on net and chanced upon many of my unread mails on my personal account. Its been a while since I went through it. Well, going through it I realised that I have not been thinking a lot about my old ties and am busy doing not really sure what, may be just the office work which takes up more than a day's share of time anyways. While doing that I recollected something known as art of developing loose ties or something of that kind which I read somewhere (too many references to unknowns are going to be there in this post..!) and then realised how bad I am at it given that I have lost touch with almost everyone other than me and I guess for no good reason. Getting in touch with people once in a while is something that adds to your perspective and lightens you up at times when you realise so simple stuff that you dont know about outside (outside my workplace) world. Another reason why such thoughts are coming to me today is because one of my very close friends got married yesterday which made me wonder that we are the 'mainstream adults' now. I got slightly scared of the thought that I might get into a wedlock soon without me realising where I am going and when it happennned or when it should happen. The scare scares me further when I see my current situation where there is always a scramble around to find time to do simple and normal stuff. I dont know if I have more work or its just my own making. Even if I have more work I guess it would come back to me because I can choose my work which I may not be doing wisely so far. Well, this is going nowhere and I need to head out. So until next post think about your past/sorroundings for a while and stay tuned!

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