The magician and the sorcerer

This one is a clog for bored. If you are looking for substance in this one, hope to get disappointed. Well, this one is about a slight resemblance in the appearance of two very famous characters, one 'real' and the other fictional.

Here are the two very famous characters side by side and I find them to look pretty similar. Though i realized not many others share this point of view, nevertheless here you go.

For deeply uninitiated, here is a very brief profile of the characters:

Zidane: is one of the best footballers of his time, more famous for his head butt now than his amazing performances. Played for Real Madrid and Juventus and was instrumental in getting France to win 1998 world cup. Won FIFA world player 3 times (only other player to have won it thrice is Ronaldo)

Voldemort: is the archteype evil in the famous Harry Potter series. Having read all the six books so far I have realized that the fame of the Harry Potter series is attributed as much to Voldemort as to Harry Potter.

Now, the point of this clog is that somehow I felt that these two characters look so similar in their appearance. Not to draw any conclusion on any similarity between the two otherwise.

We will probably see no more of Zidane in future in soccer but stay tuned for Voldemort as he comes bigger and better in the movie this July and in the final installment of the HP series in print.

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