iConic Lessons

I read the biography of apple supremo Steve Jobs (iCon) few weeks back. I picked the book thinking I'll pick up a lesson or two myself. Sounds lame, but don't we always pick biographies for this very reason. So, I will be talking about the lessons from the book in this post.

Lesson # 1: is the outcome of Lesson number 2 which is described next. It states - "I can find reasons to keep me away from effort in most of the scenarios"

Lesson # 2: No matter how smart you are, how hard you work, to be really successful you have to get lucky one or more times to take you a notch up. There are many smart and hard working people bumping their asses all around, not earning anything, not even a compliment, since they never get their lucky break. To summarize you got to be lucky to make it big, so think hard before you start working hard.

So making it big is like a lottery and you have to get lucky to win it. But then to win a lottery you need to buy tickets, and may be lots of them to improve your chances. At last here is my positive lesson. Thanks Steve.

Comments (3)

making it big shouldn't be the objective of working hard. Work should be for work purpose only. If you believe in yourself and your work, it shouldn't matter if the rest of the world recognizes it or not. Your own satisfaction is the most important thing.

I agree, you should ideally work for the purpose of work. However, I don't see anything wrong with thinking about making it big and if your work can facilitate it, nothing better than that.

You guys are right. The folk who're telling you about how "honourable" or "dignifying" work is, are the ones who want to benefit by your effort. Do you work to live, or do you live to work?