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This is a little later than I expected. I intended to publish it over new year but that just didn't happen. Anyways, here it is and all the possible disclaimers go with this post. The entries are in no particular order (if you want to assume any, best bet would be to go from 5 to 1)

H'Wood Movies
  • The Departed (for all the cursing)/HPOOP (For the arrival of grey potter and full fledged Voldermort, magnificent!)
  • Spiderman3 - Spiderman can't go wrong ;-)
  • 300 - For the poetic narration and blood
  • The Bourne Ultimatum - Slick as ever
  • The pursuit of Happyness - This is one of the best movies I have seen in recent times (the others on the list are partly due to my prejudices)
B'Wood Movies
  • Guru - was a little different
  • Bhool Bhulaiya - For the bengali ghost - Manjulika ("tor rokto khete chai" will be the dialog of the year for me)
  • Om Shanti Om - For unabashed irreverence and shahrukh's assertion that he is bigger than any(thing/one) else in bollywood
  • Tare Zameen Par - No nonsense stuff
  • Khosla ka Ghosla - An old world, cleam, smart comedy
  • S Mirza - For the game and the looks ;-), Good show overall, three cheers for her new best ranking.
  • S Tendulkar - he will remain there in the list as long as he keeps playing
  • Y Singh - six sixes (stuff that will make it to the cricketing legend, even more because of the fact that he had a conversation with flintoff right before the over)
  • S Ganguly - Comeback king, my respect for him is at an all time high
  • R Federer - do i need a reason
Flops (B'wood)
  • Dhol - No head or tail
  • Bheja Fry - I had high expectations given the star cast
  • Traffic Signal - Total bore
  • Aap Ka Suroor - I have seen parts, and its kind of disgusting
  • Aag :-(


  • Aankhon me Teri
  • Jag soona soona laage
  • Hare Ram Hare Ram
  • bin tere kya hai jeena
  • Ya rabba

Best Ads (3)

Worst Ads

  • Dish TV - Shahrukh khan
  • HDFC Pension Plan - Singapore trip one
  • Idea Cellular (What an idea. Moronic idea for removing caste based differences, drop the last names genius. Doesn't appeal to my humour at all)
  • Future group - Sone ki chiriya - The overall ad sounds retarded and ironically was one of the chief sponsor for series "My brilliant brain" on Nat Geo
  • Airtel - Shahrukh double role

Moments in Cricket

  • India's loss to b'desh - I had a hard time explaining what went wrong to my clients in US and how could we lose to such a weak team
  • T20 victory - History
  • Six Sixes - Good job
  • Murali on top - His record is just so ahead of everyone else (including shane warne)
  • Australia wins again - The invincibles

Worst phrases (anywhere)

  • Guru Greg
  • Guru Gary
  • Chak De India (Please stop chaking now)
  • All the Aaj tak alliterations
  • Team India (Call it India Team or Indian Team, but this one just doesn't sound good)


  • Mia [You need guts to host a show in your nightwear/undergarments :-) ]
  • Anusha [Super accent]
  • Vinay Pathak [the underdog, not any more]
  • Ranvir Shourie [can play an asshole better than anyone else]
  • Sarah Jane Dias (She was Vj for Channel V get gorgeous, so she does qualify)


  • clog - The awesome new blog on the block :-)
  • iLog - An awesomer blog written by my friend and ex-team member
  • Joel - For all the cult following
  • Twisted-dna - Super style and humours
  • Raganwald - for being super-prolific and some brilliant nuggets of code that I don't get at all

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I kind of agree on most of those. Twisted Dna is a nice finding. Something different from the usual.
And yes 'clog' remains an inspiration for 'iLog' :-)

any updates to the list; now that you've watched welcome?