Mistakes smart people make: Opening Post

The intended title of the post was "The mistakes smart people make and smarter people avoid".

I have read too many blogs about how incompetent and less smart people are a bane to software industry. I fully agree with all of them, for if I disagree, it might mean I am one of them. Well, I may be, but I am not willing to admit it, that too in public on my own blog, no way :-)

Before I started writing it, I thought I will do a google search on "incompetent developers" (wanted to have blog in the search string as well which got missed) and got some real estate company websites on the first page that have 15-20 years of experience in Real Estate Development. Little did they know, this is how the 15 year old world wide web will treat them.

So, to all those smart people who have been suffering because of the scum of the earth working in the cubicle next to theirs, here is a series which aims at bringing out some of the follies of your ilk [OR as Kapil Dev would have said in the boost ad "our ilk" ;-) ]. The smarter ones soon start seeing the pattern of those follies and overcome them, by the time they have good exposure in the industry and get into positions of power, they turn into gods whom people idolize.

For this series (calling it MSPM based on the title) I am planning to put up one folly per post.

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Nice observation. I guess you've got a 'smart' trick to get people involved to you blog. Now I visit it everyday to look for the mistakes smart people make :-)

Looking forward for some to possibly become 'smarter' !