PQRs: Platitude Quoting Rascals

I was thinking of how would corporate life be if there were no platitudes. Every time you have a gathering, things tend to circle around platitudes.

The positive ones:
  • We have done a great job
  • Things are looking up
  • We are a bunch of extremely talented people
  • What we do is extremely critical
The ones hinting on a need to improve things:
  • We need to be more creative
  • We need to know our customer better
  • We need to work as a team
  • We are extremely open and suggestions from anyone are welcome
When used out of context, they really mean nothing and that's how they are most often used. I often wonder, after a certain point, shouldn't the ones quoting them again and again should start feeling guilty for the wastage of words and time they are indulged in.

I have often found myself switched off the moment any of these kind of things are mentioned. I am in no position to claim if I don't do these things, but being aware I will try not to if I can help.

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