Moving your cheese:Job Change: Decision: Part 2

This is continuation from the last post where I was talking about reasons why people look for job changes. I also want to add a quick note; you might find things are more applicable to IT than other professions because of the author’s nature of work. Hopefully, most of the stuff is still generic enough. Here comes the second part of the list:

My company sucks: This is such an overarching reason that it doesn’t even count as a valid reason rather a combination of one or more of the others defined in the list. Figure out which of the reasons combine to give rise to this one and then think about them.

I need better work/I am bored in my current job: This is a reason I would like to warn you against. It is possible to like or dislike anything depending on your attitude. Unless you completely want to change your line which can happen by doing an MBA that opens up a wide range of playing field. Ask anyone and you would get a million and one reason of why his/her job sucks. Jobs are meant to suck, high paying ones more so. So as one of my readers pointed, jobs are not meant to provide satisfaction. This reason needs to be dealt with caution. I am not ruling it out for the simple reason that there are blacks swans in this world.

I am not getting promoted: If you haven’t gotten promoted even after staying long enough in the current role, you got to do two things – figure out why it happened and go for a change. But when you do so, be careful that you specifically go for a role change. But the catch here is that, if you haven’t played that role earlier, chances are you will struggle in the new role in a new organization. There are just too many variables to take care of, so this is a significant risk as you don’t want to start your new job on a wrong footing. It might just push you back to negate the jump you just got.

I need more personal time: This is quite a noble reason. If you don’t have enough time for yourself, and mind it, enough is subjective and personal, then there is every reason you should look for a change.

Wildcard Reasons:
  • Relocation
  • Too much commute
  • I need more flexible time (For ladies especially)
  • Higher Studies
  • Start -up
Joining a startup or starting your company and higher studies all are beyond the analysis. All those reasons are quite loaded and bigger decisions. They should be left to personal choice and preferences. Similarly, other wildcard reasons have lot of subjectivity and personal element associated with them.

Conclusion: These things are all meant for people who are serious about their work and don’t want to take hasty un-meditated reasons. For job-hoppers, won’t even care to look for a blog while making a change. Overall, figure out the real reason that gave rise to your thought of quitting and analyze it to ensure that it holds water before acting on it.

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Job hopping, just for money is a curse. It might look okay in the beginning but later as your resume shows many job hops you will not be preferred over other candidates. And if jobs become less than the candidates, GOD saves you.

Good write-up. Cheers!