Nostalgia has been a strange phenomenon for me all my life. I often think about my past, in fact, to put it in software lingo there is a daemon thread running in my mind thinking and relating things to my past.

However, unlike most people who fondly reminisce their past and feel like going back, I would never ever trade my present to be in past. I don't intend to sound like the eternal happy go lucky, living in the present kind of guy. That is the last thing I am.

But, I would be happier prefer being anywhere (even future, with the possibility that it may not be bright) but in my past (don't get me wrong, I have had my share of those delectable "fursat ke raat din" or those "purani jeans and guitar" days). Of course, like everyone, being in present is my choice by default.

I write this because I think I will be a visiting a very small part of my past soon. By that I mean, I will meet some folks who I have known only in a certain period of time in past and then lost connection, more or less. But with friends, your past and present have a way of quick reconciliation, you pick from wherever you left without any excuses or pretenses and soon those oldies from past will become a part of your new present. And that is how I would prefer it to be.

I am looking forward to it!

PS: I searched for any phobia for "fear of past" but couldn't find any. Am I the only one in this species?

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Pastophobia...nice term. So how do you plan to relive the past for a while? Attending the IIT Global Alumni Conference?

BTW I've just relived my past for a couple of days by vising Varanasi with as many as a dozen batchmates :-)

yea, that's right. Even though the participation isn't very high from our batch. Hoping to do some networking across other batches ;-)

Looked for a term for phobia of the past and I'm thinking it just doesn't exist yet. Maybe you could get it copyrighted for the sake of it, be nice to own a word in the english language, I'd think. In any case, you're not the only one with a phobia of the past, seriously.

Thanks Josh for the copyright idea. good to know I am not alone :)