Here is a slide from a presentation given by DHH ("Hacker of the year 2005") in a Ruby on Rails conference.

"I’m not in this world to create Rails for you. I’m in this world to create Rails for me and if you happen to like that version of Rails that I’m creating for me, than you are going to have a great time."

Look at the 'subtle' choice of words to get his message across.

Cursing is like dark arts- you have to mean it to make it effective.

I have always been of two minds when it came to profanities in my blogs and professional interactions. So far I have stayed away from it (almost). There are, however, too many advocates of swearing in my circle with their fair dose of workplace rants or casual remarks in colored language. I agree to this in part, because sometimes the best responses in a lot of situations sound something like ".. because you are fucking insane/unethical/stupid/anyOtherWord".

I had once thought of a matrix for creating profanities, put a relation in one axis and some body parts on the other one. You will get a nice mXn matrix of random abuses. Apart from this one there are some other categories, few of them are:

Equating to Animals: You used them when you didn't know any better.

Character assassination:
  • Realistic ones - kamina, nikamma, nalayak, saala etc
  • Character assassination: Most of the standard ones (*c variety) come under this category
  • Character assassination (Sentences) -This was when the above kind of abuses became way too common to have any effect at all. People graduated to sentences thus allowing them much more creative freedom and you know what, when someone creates a sentence based one, (s)he means it. So, there you go.
After this long piece, here is what I actually wanted to say; I will experiment a bit with some strong un-parliamentary language here and there in my future posts. Let's see how it goes.

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ah, will be more interesting to read your posts now :-)