Is Orkut Downmarket?

Some random google searches helped me conclude that Orkut is still the number one social networking site (4th overall) in India but as suspected facebook is catching up fast. Not in the least is it helped by the fact that most of the western countries prefer facebook.

Similar to what Amit described here, I have independently observed that orkut indeed is considered sidey (that's not my personal view though). People guess based on the personality where would a person be on social networking scene. Comments like "Oh him, he must be on orkut" followed by a laughter are the ones that I have chanced upon more than once in last one week. 'Still stuck to' orkut (just orkut) is definitely not seen as cool.

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I think Google should take over facebook. I think facebook's strategy of trying to spread to people of your contact list when you join has worked rather well. Facebook, I think did good job of marketing it as a Photo sharing site - luring the voyeur (everyone) to come on board. I think in terms of sheer number of people using it, facebook must be giving good competition to the likes of FlickR and Picasaweb -- again, Google should take over the FB. Also look out for Twitter, it's in high fashion too these days.

I miss the good old orkut days when there was no facebook and other such cousins. Alas, facebook came, and orkut tried to play catch up and messed up itself !

This is what happens when someone tries to be someone else.