Easy Accessibility

There are people who are easily accessible and then there are those who are not. The ones who are easily accessible are always helping others (foremost condition is they should be capable). Most of the times they get their due, but do they always? They become like pee pots in the corner of a restroom, used most often but not necessarily designed/rewarded for that.

The point is, the pot has hardly anything to gain from being the most popular to be picked up for the dirty job. It happens in an environment where there is no good work. If you are good (like the strategically located pot is for "pee-rs" - pun intended), you will end up doing the dirty work more often than others (for yourself and others) and a lot of times to no end.

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Is this coming straight from the heart? ;-)

he he :), wouldn't rule that out completely

And where are you located in your office?

@anonymous: I have been at the corners most of the time in my corp life until some time back, but not any more for various reasons :)