after a month long break from any activity on this blog owing to endless stuff to be taken care off on personal and professional front. Just when the monotony of it all was killing me, I am getting a whiff of the changes (welcome!) to come soon now. I am finishing my longest ever stint with a team and a system and a city at a stretch. Very soon all the three parameters will change at least for a short duration and that is definitely welcome. To make it happen was no mean task and drained me off a lot of energy (which I so value!). While I think of last few months and more specifically, the last month, it was a blur. Apart from other things there was IPL, and all the stuff related to me moving out of my project and then in one insane moment I enrolled for a morning yoga class with a really sincere and demanding trainer who ensured that every absence was well explained. And then one day, suddenly it all ends like the climax of a Godfather movie, where last 10 minutes would see the end of pretty much everyone who ever messed with the Corleone family. So, with this new found emptiness, I decided to get back here. Before I get too optimistic, I should remind myself that this is probably a matter of a week or so, for next few months promise to be at least as relentless if not more.

I have always been a proponent of change, but this time around I am yearning more for constants. I always had the tendency to feel happy when I would struggle with something, once I get a hang of it, I would get bored and restless. However, this time even though I am pretty happy about the changes (at least till the anticipation phase), I would like this one to last longer. Sort of in a steady state and comfortable mode. Perhaps that is my old age catching up with me.

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Articulate post :) Good luck with the new chapter, hope the real thing lives up to the anticipation. I didnt get the title though..

Read it 'back'wards :)

Sounds really interesting...will catch up to see what all is changing!