Can NDTV Imagine do it again?

Every year post IPL I go through withdrawal symptoms as far as my TV viewing is concerned. Last year it was Rakhi Ka Swayamwar that got me back to TV. Will it be "Desi Girl" this year. The promos and the first episode show a lot of promise. With all the delectable bitches in the mix pitted against rustic folks and each other, it can make for an edgy 2 months on TV. Let's see if it lives up to the promise it has generated.

For starters, one of the girls comments looking at cow dung - "hauuu, kya yeh gai ka gobar hai?" (Is this cow dung?) as if she just spotted a unicorn. Boy in the house where Anmol (one of the contenders) is staying has taken a liking to her and is planning to convince her to marry him during the show. Two other contestants have already gotten a lashing from their keepers for their dressing.

Initial signs are good like every other talent-less reality show (the only ones I see), let's see how far this one goes.

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I'm amused at your in-line hyperlinks on different words. The reason I would do that would only be to clarify an obscure word or if the blog entry leaves the reader curious enough to warrant a wiki-read. Which means you either think the average readers of your blog are unaware with concepts like the 'unicorn' or you think they'd want to read more about unicorns.... both thoughts are amusing :-). You're of course in your right to point to me that it is your blog and you'll do as you please..

Well, leaving a hyperlink leaves the reader with the option of clicking it 'in case' they don't know it without forcing the ones who don't need to.

And I wouldn't be totally surprised if I do have readers who will need to look up unicorn and I am not judging them while I write this. And even if there is one such reader, I guess the effort is well worth it.