Bigg Boss Season 4 - So far

(This post was written right after the first episode but due to editing delays ;) wasn't posted till now)

Big boss has been living up to my expectations so far. TRPs are not so flattering which means it isn't meeting everyone's expectations.

However, the way it started was better than I imagined. Bunty, the thief with a lot of cases on his name and who has spent 13 years in jail didn't take longer than a day to break down. In the process the biggest victim was the camera that he chose to cover with his, hold your breath, ...sock.

While he was evicted the same day, he deeply disappointed Abbas bhai, why? Well, because he went without shaking hands with anyone. I am sure with this kind of logic, he must have done a helluva job a defending Kasab. Poetic justice for a killer who should have been hanged a while back, not only because I would like to have no more of him, but because we shouldn't be spending a penny more on keep that **** alive. Mr Kazmi's issue to me seems akin to our censor board policy of not showing people smoking on screen because that would be a bad influence as if stealing, murder, rape, cheating are all acceptable in normal human behavior.

The following episodes were not as exciting but they did a good job in putting Khali in at the right time, just when things started going a little downhill. And then later, the firebrand, Bindra.

Soon to follow a post on my fascination with non talent based trashy reality shows.

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