Is Afridi on his way to create history

Does Afridi have it in him what it takes to win the world cup. I never thought much of him, even when he scored his famous 37 ball century. T20 world cup changed some bit of perception. He looks like one of those who live for the big moments and who knows with his current "can't do anything wrong" streak, he might just join the elite company of very few who lifted the world cup trophy. It may not be too early any more, given its just two more matches. However, I am not giving up on India either. India can easily outlast the Australian side which looks more pale than yellow and hell even Australian fans want Sachin's team to win the cup. For all the Sachin bashers, he has already done enough, in fact I have planned a post on them, but that is for some other day. Mentally tomorrow might be one of the toughest matches for India in this tournament and definitely the toughest so far. I just hope we win with a Sachin century. What a way that would be to complete his century of centuries. Without jinxing it further I am going to go to bed with my fingers crossed and who knows I might even pray tomorrow morning, something I do once a year or so. Even though the title names Afridi, quarter of this world's population wants it to be Sachin creating history.

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