Panasonic Camera: Image Counter

Instead of a customary come back post, I am writing down something that might be useful to people and I am not even sure if I will be able to sustain so why make a big deal about coming back!

Coming to the point, few days back I was trying to work out the number of pictures taken by my Panasonic camera and after searching it found out how it can be done, though not in a clean single link. Hence, this blog

  1. Connect your camera to a computer in USB mode
  2. The folder names are always numbers, get into the latest folder i.e. folder with the largest number in name among all present. Sometimes there may just be one, in which case you save yourself some thinking
  3. Look at the latest image taken in that folder (i.e. the image with the largest number in its name)
    • The names are in the format "P Followed by a number" like P1090704
    • You can alternatively find this out by sorting on a field (Date Picture Taken)
  4. You will notice the folder name appended in the beginning of the file name (along with an extra P). For P1090704, 109 is the folder name. Divide the name in two parts: Folder Name and Rest which gives you P109 and 0704 (Rest). Eliminate P and the first digit from the folder name, you get 9 and then take the last three digits from the Rest. And that gives you 09704, That's the total number of images taken by your camera!

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