3 Cheers to Immunity

A solid foundation always pays off. In software engineering paradigm, we are always talking about the cost of an issue over the life cycle. During early stages, it is practically zero and at later points, it can be anything from disastrous to catastrophic. This may seem true for industries, but can’t stress the importance of this principle when it comes to our lives. It is equally applicable there!
In India, family usual forms the core of everyone’s life and at the core of a family sit the children in a family. The marketing and advertising on our television and newspaper will be a testament to that. A smiling kid or something that promises to bring happiness to kids becomes an easy way to grab attention. In my own interactions, I have seen hardcore hagglers become extremely quality sensitive when it comes to buying stuff for their kids. You could blame them endlessly for being unscrupulous in all the matters, but on most cases, it is hard to see someone who isn’t careful about the choices they make for their kids.

Now linking this back to the initial premise of a strong foundation, do people know if they have considered all the right choices and what are the ones that they should put more focus on. If there is anything, health comes to me as the first one. We have heard the age old credo, that if wealth is lost, nothing is lost; if health is lost, something is lost and if the character is lost, everything is lost. Well, in case of children, the other two don’t exist; they can only be built over a period of time and for that to happen properly, a healthy foundation is necessary. To ensure, a healthy life for kids, as much as you can try and vaccinate them for all the known ailments, but what about the ones that are not known? The best defense is offence and in our body, the defense against ailments is centered on our immune system. The wisest investment for your child’s happy future would be to create a child with a strong immune system and Dabur ( https://www.liveveda.com/daburchyawanprash/ ) has been doing a great job at creating that awareness and enabling that by creating products around this theme.

A healthy person will always have a better chance of doing well in life. Our bodies are a means to help us achieve our goals and happiness and in our life. A poorly maintained one will be a cause of misery and will act as a friction to your life. A well maintained one will be the best enabler you can ever think of. To be able to do that, one needs to be fighting fit and be able to defend from diseases. 3 cheers to 3x immunity!

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