An unexamined clog isn't worth clogging is how Socrates would have put it. So, here you have a clog about a clog - Metaclog. For those who don't know the Meta prefix, here is a slightly confusing explaination.

Metadata is data about data. Which leaves us with two possible interpretation of the meaning of Meta. MetaX can be X about X OR data about X. In any case Metaclog will mean the same thing.

Few things that I have tried to change consciously in my approach to clogging.

- size of the clog
- frequency of the clog

I feel smaller and more frequent clogs may be more effective in getting readers (if that is what the clog aims at) as opposed to otherwise. I believe this should happen due to the ADD syndrome that most of us suffer from today. We tend to have a short focus span. We seem to look at lot of things for small periods of time and more often than not repeatedly look at the same things. In effect we might end up spending good amount of times on those frequent things.

However, all said and done, the content is obviously more important. When I started the clog I started with an assumption of no readers which has been almost true so far. But my belief was pleasantly shaken when I got a few comments on my post ziuq-si-siht, people not only read but responded to the post.

Well, in keeping with the spirit of keeping it short, I close this one here and move on to writing my next entry :-)

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