Can you fake it?

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It was the suicide note of Kurt Cobain that first drew me to his music. The note had so much honesty that I instantly started valuing his music. The honesty was one bit, the second was the instant identification. I could relate to it so well, not that I have or had any intentions of committing suicide. I am far too coward and orthodox to even think about it. However, how many of us have felt (I feel most of us should have) that we just can't continue doing something that we have been doing for quite long. You just don't have it in you any more to do it.

I have felt this quite a few times in my life and I wonder whether it was prudent for me to pander to my instinct. At some points I think it was, even though I might not have followed it. Some other times it wasn't, but I still followed it. And then there were times when I guess I did the right thing.

However, the point of this clog is not about giving up. Its about knowing when this happens and gracefully take a conscious decision (either ways). In most of the cases it is contrary to common sense to stop and hence pretty tough to explain to an impartial observer. Though in some cases it just becomes impossible to keep doing it. Like Al Pacino in hollywood flop "The Recruit" said

There was a time... There's this parish priest, goes up to the pope, drops down on his knees, starts weeping, asking forgiveness. "Holy Father, Holy Father, what am I to do? "What am I to do? "l do not believe in God anymore. What am I to do? "You know what the pope said? "Fake it.
..."I couldn't...fake it... anymore.

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Hmmmmmm...Interesting...I am beginning to think how often have I faked it. And honestly, I think I've done it quite a few times. Sometimes to the point where I could fake no more :)

I would look forward in case you refactor this...