3 stages of learning

There is an old and defunct(not completely though) rule of job security. Keep your skills to yourself and you will be indispensable. However, I have realized, better things will happen to you if you pass along your skills.

Someone once told me that the best way to learn is teach. I have taken that advice quite seriously, not by turning myself into a teacher, of course, but trying to teach others what I know. Here is a more elaborate explanation.

There are three stages to learning any new stuff and learning is just one of them. Here are all the three

- Learning
- Doing
- Teaching

Until these three stages are not done, the learning isn't yet complete. You start by knowing it for the first time, gain confidence by doing it. Then you try and see how you see others when you have gotten around the fence yourself. So, my advice, if you are learning something, keep these three stages in mind and better things will happen to you.

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Nice post. I think quite a few times it is teaching<->learning. And sometimes only teaching (and no learning). Very few teachers have actually DONE it or intend to DO it!