Choose it or lose it

“It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” (-Albus Dumbledore)

This must be the millionth blog about choice being important. That, however, doesn't stop me from publishing it.

It has been very wisely said by Albus Dumbledore, that its our choices that determine who we truly are more than our capabilities. I would take it a step further, they also determine what happens to us more than our talents at times. 

Oftentimes between easy and right, I am finding myself increasingly getting inclined towards choosing easy. Not blogging for some time was one of the manifestations, as it seems blogging is hard work too. The path of least resistance is what I am taking as opposed to the path less travelled as Robert Frost would have liked me to.

It might be that my work has been wearing me out (customary disclaimer: This isn't meant to be a reflection on my past, present or future employers), I hope that is it, and not any permanent setback to my road selecting capabilities. I hope this fatigue wears out soon. When I started I didn't intend to make it a personal post, but now that it has turned out that way, will leave it at that.

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A choice is there only when you have a doubt. When you have no doubt, there is no choice needed, as you already know which path you want to go for. Doubt arises out of ignorance and insecurity.