Scalable Professions

I am currently reading "The Black Swan" and it mentioned the concept of "Scalable profession" in passing. A scalable profession is one where your rewards are not directly proportional to the effort you put. Most of the creative professions like creating music, writing books will fall in this category. Some examples of non scalable professions are manual labor, doctors etc. A little caveat - A scalable profession sounds like a great idea but only if you are good at it

I think all of us have realized the existence of scalable and non scalable professions but I never tried and categorize it that way. Before I started writing this blog I did a search on "black swan scalable profession" and got this blog which explains the exact same concept and a little more. So, no more on this topic, why rewrite when you can reuse!

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Well nice way to look at professions. I feel, at the end of the day, it is like a services and a product company. If the end result of your profession is a 'product' like books, documentaries, could reap upon it with a relatively less effort (of course after a huge initial effort). Because the product is in circulation even when we are not working towards it. However, not all professional products would fall under this. e.g. A painting is a product, but then the painter has to spend time on each and every painting he/she sells..

Anyways, I have started thinking how to make a scalable profession within the Software Industry...or can it be done? Not sure :-)

By the way a refreshing change on your blog theme.