Spam Art

When you have too many holidays in a month, not really slogging your butt off at work, getting enough sleep on a daily basis, things take unexpected turns. And just in one such situation a friend of mine and I started killing time by looking at the spams. After all the talks of size does or doesn't matter, spam proves that its only the size that matters and there are people on a mission intent on making the whole world go huge. Here are some of the gems from the creative studs generating the subject lines of those emails.

Turn the worm in your pants into a python
Get the largest instrument in town
Drop your pants and stun her with this
If the nature wasn't generous to you, we are
Turn your grass snake into a python

Python seems to be the flavor of the season :-)

PS: Just by writing about the tension free, comfortable life in the first few lines, I think I have jinxed my next few months.

Comments (2)

Python ..Huh, may be because techies could relate to it.


Python is my favorite programming language boss. Probably the best thing to happen to computers since long.