Indians Abroad

Every time I come to the US, I am in for a sense of surprise at how common we are here. I found that US has 0.6% of Indians, and then I stayed in Jersey. Jersey has one of the highest concentration of Indians, the number is at ~6% and these were the numbers from my past visit. This time I get a little more parochial and I look around in my weekly meeting to see 6 out of the 9 folks being of Indian origin, a whopping 66.6%. And the last bit, I share a cube block with three other folks, 2 of them are Indians and the next cube block is all Indian. I don’t feel particularly sad or happy about it but I do feel amused.

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Indians are everywhere...In Riyadh too I came across so many Indians!!!

There are 6.x billion people on the Earth. Out of that freaking 1.y billion are Indians. Why does it surprise you then, that you see Indians everywhere?

Well, I am not surprised just be the presence, it is the volume of their presence (in my case in the US). There are 1.y billion of them and I am sure most of them are living in India (~1.z billion, z < y), so that leaves few of them to spread across. Also, the unusually high number (60%) in my team or cubicle are the numbers that are highly skewed by any standards.