The purposeful walk

It's like Batman would say,
It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me

Joe (click the link to know more about Joe) would say it's not what i do at my desk, it's what I do while fetching my coffee that defines me.

I have seen Joe walking intently to fetch his coffee peering down at the cup or just to the restroom. It is no ordinary walk. To an untrained eye it may look like he is studying the coffee like a lot of people who read tea leaves. In reality his mind is busy doing calculations of unimaginable complexity. He probably is working out the price of his next multi-billion dollar acquisition

I have been told, however, that may be this isn't what Joe thinks during his walk. May be he is thinking about the expansion of the company. Like admiring the new chick he sees on his way to pantry. Or at times, he might be thinking about his next strategic move like whether he should go to pee on his way to pantry after all restroom won't be a really big detour. Well, he could do that but then where does he keep the cup? Oh, here comes Senior Joe, so that makes his decision easy. He decides to keep his line and say hello to him. OK, so its final, Joe decides to have the coffee and come back to pee, the coffee would add to the pressure making it a more fulfilling release.

Joe is great at keeping up appearances, in fact that's one of the few things he is good at. If not careful enough, he might create a first impression on you that you will live to regret.

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As I said, I like this new style!