Planning, Improvisation and A bit of Luck

Having labeled myself a life long planner, I believe in the credo - "Failing to plan is planning to fail". A lot of people actually think it's better to not plan at all than plan and fail. I don't agree and I would like to clarify why. Doing something well is not a function of just your planning, a lot comes after that, but I consider it as the first and perhaps the most important step. So, here is what I define as different steps to accomplishment big or small.

Planning: Let's start by clarifying the misconception about planning. You plan with the understanding that your plan may (make it will) fail. When planning you think about the objective and what it will take to reach it. However, you just don't get too hung up on it. Having planned through things, you will have a better idea of what you are going to do and what will help. In any case, have a plan B if you can else look at the next step in the process.

Improvisation: Getting too rigid about the plan is going to hurt you, may be more than not having a plan at all. This may well be the reason a lot of times no planning is better. However, if you can be open about changing your actions if things don't get your way, rest assured you will improvise better. Having thought through things you will be better at deciding the change in course than a totally unplanned person. Having said that, a lot of times with the first two steps going absolutely right, people tend to fail and that brings us to the third and the most important part.

Luck: Luck alone doesn't guarantee anything, but if you are out of luck, to put it mildly, you are screwed

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An important thing to consider is the *timeline* for which one plans. I think it is also important to get the individual *chunk* of plan right. Too long or two short may hurt. I guess best is to start with high-level plans and then break it down to shorter ones as we proceed. And not to forget, keep adjusting the high level items based on how things move.

And yes, rightly said, planning is important. Great ideas will remain great ideas if they are not planned and executed. I have several ideas in my mind, but due to lack of planning, they are still in my mind :-)