As Socrates would have put it - An unplanned life isn't worth living. I seem to be increasingly getting into this mode. I have always been a man of planning (who likes creating plans not necessarily executing them). On top of my instinct, my work environment further reinforced it over past few years. The situation has gone to the extent that I cannot live a day without having a plan for it. Even if I need to waste my time, I need to think about it before I do it and apparently I keep doing that all the time.

Well, this may sound like a fantastic way of managing time (or may be not). But having first hand experience of living it, I know its not. The only thing it does is, you micromanage your inefficient day, and soon enough you start nano-managing* your inefficient-er day.

Every plan comes with inevitable milestones. No matter how small they are. It becomes an act of always reaching for something (and more often than not you don't reach them in time or not reach at all).

So, all that puts a question mark on the quote I started with - Is a planned life living at all?

I am sure I am not the only one with this syndrome, or I just hope so.

* Micromanage = Micro + manage. Micro is 1 millionth part, nano is one billionth. For mathematically inclined, nano = 1/1000000000

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Nice analysis...I guess I am at the other end of the spectrum: not planning at all..that does have demerits, but at least
saves one from the botheration of not sticking to the plans ;-)