There's been quite a buzz about vista not delivering on promise and being a complete failure but being a microsoft fan I was not deterred. I even got it for my laptop. It was all fine until a few days back when some things happenned

1. Noone in my family liked it. I constantly assured everyone that once we get a hang of it, things will look better and may be even superb.
2. I started doing some serious work, rather tried doing some serious work and realised it's not going to be easy.
3. Copying files is quite an exercise, you get to confirm it so many times (at least twice if copying to OS drive). I have always been clicking yes without reading the warnings though. After all how wrong can you go in copying a file. I guess, will have to find a way around this one (may be there already is which I don't know of)
4. The copy times seem to be substantially longer than expected.
5. The whole security thing appears to be more of a protection of my machine from me rather than anyone else.
6. The occasional blanking of screen. I skipped my heart beat the first couple of times, but it is much better now that I am used to it.
7. My batch files and some other utilities don't work. I am yet to debug the reason for this, but I am suspecting some of my command line utilities including my batch files won't work in the new os.

I am willing to trade my new vista with the good old xp any day at least until MS does some magic in its service packs. As J C Penny commercial puts it - its time to work your magic ;-)

Following link has more professional material on the issue, definitely worth a read.

The Vista Death Watch

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Switch to Linux ;-)

WinXP gets less in your way and is stable too ... anyways, Windows is miserable on security criteria (check this,;837190152)
... Ubuntu Linux 7.04/7.10 gives you equivalent eye-candy desktop effects, at much better performance and security :-)

Right, I think I will try ubuntu sooner than later now; even though I have been a windows fan all my life.