Here comes another customary new year post as cliched as the phrase "Time flies by so fast".  For those who say time flies very fast, I would ask what is their benchmark. Would you like a year to last two or what?

So, in an attempt to break the cliche, I don't have any new year resolutions like every other year. I am not a big fan. However, it is nice to have things like new year. They are like commas in an endless sentence called life. It will be really hard to make sense had it not been for these breaks.

For me 2010 will be known as an year of insignificance, which isn't bad even though it does sound so. Saving more details on this for my autobiography ;) so in a way you are lucky having escaped the boring details for now.

Lets see what I have in the next year, like every other year Bejan Daruwala says this will be my year. Had it been him writing my destiny, I would be Barack Obama or Siddharth Mallya. Since I am neither of the two, I hope to go about my business as usual enjoying the little break on the pretext of new year. For, tomorrow is another day.

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Nice title for the post....interesting... I missed it :-)