Astrology, Dreams

This one is a spaghetti post.

Most of you would know that Mars is closest to earth these days. Astrologically the planet is considered a source of energy and impacts all. Since its closest these days, the impact is higher, few stand to gain and few stand to lose. Apparently I have been chosen to strengthen the losing category.

By now, you must have realised that I am a fan of astrology. Fan enough, to publicize it over net. Last three days have played havoc on things at home and to some extent workplace. More significantly, it altered my dreams (not the long term ones, but the involuntary ones while sleeping). Here is the list

1. Disturbing Dreams: I have had a series of disturbing dreams all this week. I don't always dislike them, because its like watching a movie while sleeping [saves time and provides entertainment :-)]. However, you don't want to watch tragic movies all through (esp if it involves you), so that's the part that concerned me.

2. Recursive Dreams: I saw a dream in a dream and I did something in my internal dream (Level 2 Dream) which I cannot do in real life. When I got out of my Level 2 dream, I tried the same thing in my Level 1 dream and I could do it. Next, I broke out of my Level 1 dream to real life and that's when I failed :( However, it was an interesting experience and a first for me.

Side Note: I have often wondered about awareness while dreaming. At times, I even try to continue a dream that got discontinued by thinking about it consciously.

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