Sometimes losers win

This isn't about the famous series The Biggest Loser or its Indian counterpart Biggest Loser Jeetega.

I have always wondered how people can survive and rise in organizations in-spite of their incompetence. There may be many reasons for it. Not the least of them is to create an environment that fosters and encourages incompetence.

Never argue with a fool or he will drag you down to his level and beat you at it

I have seen 'leaders' whose only competence is to stick around in office infinitely. And if that is the case, the project is bound get screwed thereby generating the need for long (unproductive) hours. Once that happens, the environment is set for the losers to shine.

That's what losers do, they re-define winning as being losers, so its a win/win game for them and a lose/lose for non-losers.

* I have always avoided using word loser in my conversations/writings. I am using it here because it's just so casually powerful that it conveys how strongly I feel about this subject.

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How could you put this in just about 100 words! Absolutely spot on.


You have spoke my heart in such a few words...