Power Play @ Gurgaon

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If I were asked to rewrite the famous Deewar scene, it will go like this.

Vijay stays in Sushant Lok and Ravi in Sadar Bazaar - Gurgaon

They meet at Vyapar Kendra, Sushant Lok for their famous scene:

Vijay - Mere paas fridge hai, tv hai, ac hai, washing machine hai. Tumhare paas kya hai
Ravi - Bhaaaa..i, mere paas inverter hai

and that leaves Vijay speechless because he has been struggling with power cuts in Gurgaon and so are others. It's hard to explain why he couldn't buy an inverter or get a house in society with power back up, but let's ignore that discussion. Another side point, the amount of power cut we have in Gurgaon actually exhausts all the inverters, so even Ravi has issues (we'll ignore this as well)

Recent Power cuts forced a shift in my thinking. I used to think that having power supply is a necessity and backup a luxury. Now, I think having power backup is a necessity and continuous supply is a luxury (that none of us has now)

Disclaimer: I fully well understand that I play a part in this whole problem by not approaching the right people and raising my voice. In my defence, I just hope all such things were a tad more obvious to those who are responsible for it.

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Noida is in the same league :-). An important fact which re-inforces the power situation:

Since 1988, the power required for every car that was manufactured by Maruti, was self-generated! It came as a surprize to me.

But I hope things will improve with some plants and alternate energy sources being set-up recently.

As the name suggests Gur-gaon was a remote village till recently. Apart from a spate of high rise buildings, the basic infrastructure in Gurgaon is only as good as any other indian village. Electricity is a luxury in villages and it holds true for gurgaon as well.

Well written article.