Analytics, comments etc

The biggest fuel for a blog to run is its readership.

Now, there are two kind of readers, just readers and participators, the ones who comment. If someone comments on your post, it inspires you because you think you made someone think or react. Sadly enough, I don't have many participators [reasons can be many, most of them will eventually boil down to me doing something un-right ;-) ]

Then there are passive readers as well, who will never comment. If it wasn't for google analytics, I would have stopped blogging long back. My daily reports show some (not many) regular visitors who keep on checking for posts and luckily a couple of posts always crawl their way to search results.

Thanks readers/participators, I will keep writing for you :-)

Comments (2)

I wasn't aware of this Google Analytics facility ... thanks for letting people like me know about it. You are absolutely correct about the readership as a blog's fuel, it certainly helps keep up your writing spirit ... however, you should keep writing on your blog no matter people read it or not, a related interesting article by Steve Yegge :)

don't worry abt commenters .. what all they can comment ? nice, good, awesome .. gradually they will run out of adjectives...

keep blogging ... it's beneficial from psychological and physiological point of view .. read more about this in a scientific american article.