Bangalore to Goa: The warm-up

(Read part 1 of this blog for context - Bangalore to Goa: The Fellowship)

After a haul of 13+ hours, the bus finally reached Goa. The search for the hotel wasn’t particularly bad. The hotel manager was a fine looking lady, who got all four of them excited. She turned out to be a mother of a daughter around 5 years old. Amongst all the other things, they came to know that she could ride a bike as well (as a driver). Well, nothing interesting beyond this. Having managed a good hotel to stay, next task was to hire bikes. Two Pulsar’s were hired for two days using one license. The pairs were decided for the bikes. K was a good driver, A was less so and D and S even lesser so. So, S got paired with K, since S weighed almost a ton. D was paired with A, since he weighed as much as a normal person would… on moon.

The Sea
It was now time to enjoy, the sun, the sand and everything that goes with it. Time for revelation, A and K were afraid of water. K had been advised by an astrologer to keep away from water. So he was scared. For A, let's just say he never needed any specific reason to get scared (that reminds me of one of his incidents at an exotic locale, when he couldn’t breathe out of fear!). The two of them were entrusted with the task of baby sitting the stuff. D and S decided to go in. After around half an hour of non stop waves, A comes walking in, somehow getting over his baseless fear. No problem so far, K was still there to take care of the stuff. Another half hour goes by, and then walks in K.

K was promptly asked to explain about his responsibility. He is a thorough man, he had entrusted the stuff with some trusty shack owner. Apparently, no problems even so far. After spending a good hour in sea, they all walk back (almost like Charlie’s angels getting out of the water) guided by K. K didn't look so confident any more. "This is the shack where I left the stuff on a plastic chair". If you have been to goa, you will know, the shacks on the beaches are all alike. The other pointer, well, wasn’t a big help either. Great!

D/S - figuring out what was in there, wallets (cash and cards!), S had his $200 goggles, mobile phones, hotel keys and a borrowed camera (worth 25k). Both were counting the losses (look at the pessimism, they had already assumed they won’t get anything back) and started figuring out next steps. And to their great surprise, there weren't many.
A - I swear, I am not going to go anywhere with you guys. That is why I never ever go out. I swear... went on and on more than 100 times. He was like a broken record.
K - Relax guys, I know the guy who ensured he will take care of it. I even bought a beer to make sure he does that. K tried to make it sound so cool and confident, but his face betrayed any emotion remotely related to confidence. In short, he was frozen, so was everyone else.

On top of it all, they were not sure how much they had traveled in the sea and which way. K got more than his share of “What the hell were you thinking looks”.

K would point to every other shack and say, I think this is it and that kept on going for what seemed to be an eternity. Finally, the right shack was identified around half km from the point where the first potentially right shack was located. And they got their belief in God back. All the things were intact. Not on a plastic chair though, but no one was complaining. The shack owner was rewarded in kind by buying more drinks from him. Lots of laughter followed the incident.

Saturday Night Fun
It was that time of year in goa, when they had Saturday night bazaar and it was the best thing that happened to them. They just roamed around with their eyes (and mouth) wide open, hardly blinking. Apparently there were a lot of girls in there waiting to be picked up. However, A warned everyone, that in goa, it’s mostly eunuchs, who dress like girls and roam around. For the rest of the night, every time they spotted someone, there first reaction would be to discuss the authenticity of their gender. Thankfully, they didn’t go any further than that.

There were floor shows from artists from various countries and it was truly magical. The day concluded on a positive note. In hindsight, this was just a warm-up.
Part 3: coming soon
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