50 first blog

While I was going through my posts in the dashboard, I filtered it on Published and saw 50 as the NUM83R. It's true that NUM63R5 alone don't count but i derived certain satisfaction in having reached this number.

Apart from the satisaction part, there was a disturbing aspect to it. I could see 23 drafts, most of which are un-developed and some under-developed. Those are mosly ideas which I just had at some point and then I just couldn't get back to taking them to completion. Few are as old as 6 months!
Here is what I plan to do and why:
  • I am planning to devise something known as an f-link (link to a future blog). The reason some of my blogs are unpublished is because i wanted them to link to another of my blog ideas. Having created this artificial dependency, one blocking blog impacts more blogs. So, the f-link.
  • I will keep putting Sneak peek posts every month or so to give an idea of my work in progress blogs. It will serve two purposes:
    - If readers have any input, I might be able to use it
    - I will feel more accoutable for writing those blogs once I have made a public committment.
  • Weed out outdated drafts. Clutter promotes inefficiency. (Talk to any tarot reader and you will find out how much they believe in this, I do too!)

To summarize, I would say clogging, so far has been like exercising to me. Here is how

  • It is hard work and sometimes you need to motivate yourself to finish it (Did I just earn a few disapprovals and raised eye-brows!)
  • It feels great when you finish it
  • In the long run, you will be better of with it than without it.
Note: Write the first Sneak peek of the Series.

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Congratulations on the half century..All those who read this, please browse through the older archives, there are some really nice posts in there.