A disturbing trend

For last few months I have noticed a trend; a rather disturbing one. A lot of my batch mates are getting married and quite a few juniors too. Well, that's not exactly the disturbing part. In fact, in a way it is also disturbing, because it reminds me of the fact that I have grown quite old. However, that is not the point of this blog.

All the guys after getting married will start posting pictures of them honeymooning in all sorts of places. And then you can see their pictures in all sorts of romantic poses on their orkut albums. This wouldn't have been disturbing at all, only if I had not known those guys. All these guys used to be rather cynical and unemotional. Romance and sentiments were the last thing they would have mentioned when talking about girls (barring a tiny fraction of them who were exceptions of course). There was no place for mushy talk. There were very few times when it was considered permissible and that was never before half dozen pegs had gone down your throat. The fact that the girls to boys ratio in my college was rather abysmal (it was on the wrong side of 10%), further helped the trend.

Looking at all those poses now, suddenly it seems all my friends who used to be angry, stern and non emotional like Nana Patekar of Prahar have turned into Sharukh khan of, well, take any of his films barring a few non-romantic ones.

As much as I would like to mourn the loss of my cynical friends the way I knew them; I am happy that they didn't remain the way they were back then :-).

Here is wishing all you guys marital bliss and a great life of togetherness ahead.

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Hmmmmm...I can smell something :-)

Someone seems to be getting into the same loop as mentioned above :-)

he he :-). Not so soon but I think the time for "metamorphosis" isn't too far in the future!

Hey, I will remain your single skeptical friend!!

ha ha.. I think now you are the only one I can count on, until I move out that is :-)