Life @ Microsoft, with a twi$t

Here is a funny little take on life at Microsoft.

I think I liked it much better than so many of those self important life @ google videos where googlers claim they are gods and live in heaven.

Microsoft may be one of the most hated company by technologists, but I, for one, have been a Microsoft fan. My introduction to computer was with stuff that was all developed by Microsoft. If it were for only Apple, I would have never been able to touch a computer (not so any more though) in the first place. And if it were for linux (or any OS with characters [u|i] n i x in any order), I would never have dared to touch a computer.

PS: Don't let this post convince you that I don't like google because of the comments above. Its because of google that I have a job, not because I work for google but because google works for me ;-)

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