Don't Repeat Yourself

I posted about the benefits of having a vibrant second hand market and its handiness when it comes to folks who are looking to set up base in short amount of time without having to spend a bomb and a series of weekends exploring.

Quikr has already given an awesome market place for these transactions and is always looking to up the game and make it a better experience for the users. With quikr next, they are introducing quikr chat which is going to be a great thing on many counts. Here are the reasons I would prefer chatting over a phone call.

Reduce Interruptions
We live in a world of interruptions. While it is impossible to eliminate it, it is wise to reduce it as much as possible for preserving your own sanity. A phone call leaves little room for multi-tasking and snatches you away from whatever you are doing. Responding to chat, on other hand, can be dealt with an asynchronous manner. A significant improvement in our overly interruption ridden world.

Chat gives an option for you to speak to many people at once, often times re-using responses as opposed to a phone chat, where you can talk to only one person at a time and things get recorded only if someone is explicitly transferring the data from voice format to some other longer lasting format than your memory.

It is hard to take calls and talk in office at your desk unless you have a plush personal office to use which many of us are really not fortunate enough to have. For those of us, having an option to continue a quiet chat makes a lot of sense.

You are always worried about handing out your phone number with the large number of marketing calls you receive. Despite being extremely cautious about giving out my number, I get a lot more marketing calls than I would be comfortable with.

Record Keeping
You will be talking to a good number of people and both as a buyer and a seller you would want to keep track of what things were discussed, which would include some clarifications around nuances that matter to you but don’t always get captured in the fixed categorization and text put in the ad. You can keep track of all those with chat and will be super handy when closing in your option. With phone in one hand, it will be challenging for someone to really note down the information, simply too inconvenient when compared to the comfort of being able to chat and preserve the information forever.

Cheaper than phone call
You save money on phone calls! Data is much cheaper than voice, until now that is. Things may change in future but as it stands now, you do spend a lot more for the details you share using voice than when you send it as text/image over internet.

Like I said in previous blog, things are much sweeter for everyone these days and more in-line with the times. These simple but extremely effective features are going to be make a significant impact on the way people buy/sell things and set up their homes!