Pensioners' paradise and Visitors' nightmare

Despite being in Bangalore for a long time now, I haven’t been able to reconcile with the one ways especially in the business district, the area next to M G Road. I was trying to reach a place that would have taken me 20 minutes under normal traffic and if I knew the way, took me an hour to reach because I came within few hundred meters twice and took the wrong turn. Horrible traffic conditions and lag in GPS meant I was always one step behind and paid the price heavily. All this extra time I kept thinking and thinking. The only logical reason to create so many one ways is to optimize the traffic and one ways should somehow help it, though considering all the extra traffic I generated owing to my wrong turns, it would have more than compensated for the savings. Obviously I will think that way because due to all the one ways I suffered and will mark them as evil.

That got me thinking, who would design a city in this way where navigation is such a challenge. This arrange can be convenient if either or both of the following holds: its a really small city and/or the population here has been living there forever. Those will ensure that everyone knows the way like the back of their hands and will generate an overall optimized traffic. This theory aligns well with the reputation of the city as pensioner’s paradise. The problem with this is, it becomes rather un-welcoming for new and not so new people.