Spoilt for Choice

Asus has some great products to showcase in recent times. The two that came to my inbox for checking the features are Eeebook and the “All in one” PC. To begin with, the look and feel of both the products is top notch and you will be tempted to go for both. In our day to day life, the time spent on our devices (for good or bad) will definitely mean we need different screens for different settings. I already own quite a few of these “screens” and have designated use for all of them but then the moment you see something new, you got to check it out. So, let’s see what each of these got

ASUS EeeBook X205TA - A compact laptop, with a decent sized screen and under 1 kg, definitely something you can carry with ease. The features that matter to me are

-> Under 1 kg with a full function keyboard
-> 12 hours battery life
-> A decent sized screen for a portable device

ASUS All In One PC ET2040 – This one is a full-fledged desktop that doesn't really fill your desk unnecessarily despite such a healthy screen size. The features that matter to me are

-> Heavy duty power – 2.4 GHz
-> Screen size – I am a big fan of big screens especially when working and 19.5 inch, you won’t be left wanting for bigger screen be it work or pleasure
-> Hand Gestures – while this needs to be tested in person to see how effective they are, but if you are like me who watches a lot of stuff online, YouTube or otherwise, this may come in very handy
-> Power backup – need I explain this
-> LED Display – “seeing will be believing” but going by the experience of LED TVs, this may be a killer feature.

Looking at these two products, I think everybody would want to have one of those for different use cases. I, for one, am more impressed with the ALL in one PC as it gives me an elegant desktop for my home that I can use for my work as well as for multimedia entertainment. My work usually involves looking at a lot of data or looking at things in detail where a larger screen translates into higher productivity. In fact, if I had my way, I would love to mount an array of screens on a wall, but you don’t always have your way. A screen this size is definitely something you can’t complain too much about.

EEEBook is great when you work on the go and your work involves more than browsing internet or sending small messages/mails. Tablets are great for those browsing needs, but the moment you have to type something substantial you are left fighting with the device, instead of being able to focus on the task at hand. This looks like a great balance between usability and compactness.

For those who work on the go a lot more and need a sleek, long lasting, lightweight laptop, they will end up loving EEEbook, but for me, the pc takes the cake.